Fermentation Weights - NonSlip Grip Handle - for Fermenting Sauerkraut, Pickles, Kimchi in Wide Mouth Mason Jars - Lead/Cadmium Free

Year of Plenty "NonSlip Grip" weights will not slip out of your fingers when you insert or remove the weights from your mason jar. Each weight has a custom-designed handle with ribbed grips that help you hold tightly to the weights. Our weights are slightly convex on the bottom, allowing...

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Our weights are slightly convex on the bottom, allowing gas bubbles to escape and aiding in the fermenting process.

Innovative, Non-Slip Weights

Over 1-inch thick and 2.75 inches wide, the fermentation weights are expertly crafted from high-quality soda lime glass. Each weight boasts a custom-designed handle to make removal much easier than other designs, and a convex bottom that allows bubbles to escape wide-mouth mason jars. Use the weights to hold the ferments below the brine when making sauerkraut and other healthy fermented dishes without worrying about toxic chemicals leaching into your food. Happy fermenting!

Safe and trustworthy construction

Each weight is made of food-grade soda lime glass - just like your mason jar. All our products have been tested to meet or exceed all the compliance requirements for sale in the US, Canada, UK and EU.

Your one stop shop for fermenting supplies

If you need it we have it! We have 2 varieties of fermentation weights (NonSlip grip weights and heavy traditional 7.1ounce weights).

We have fermentation lids (White and Clear), a 12" Cabbage Tamper, Complete fermenting kits, partial kits and more!

Beautiful gift box for storage

Your fermentation weights arrive in a sturdy, handsome gift box that is easily wrappable and will look nice under the tree!

A gift of health, independence and self-sufficiency
Year of Plenty fermenting supplies can be used for years for people who value their health and care about how their food is processed and preserved.